Behind The Artworks: Omnivide - A Tale Of Fire (2024)

The artwork, which was done by Marcel Leblanc, a good friend of the band, illustrates the common theme of death found throughout the lyrics of all the songs on the album. Since we’re big nerds who like video games and fantasy art, we really wanted the album cover to be of that aesthetic, and Marcel seriously did a fantastic job with it. In the artwork itself, the fire that is seen all over-represents the cycle of death & rebirth, as the destruction that fire brings leaves a clean slate for new things to take place. The wizard and the planet represent the channeling of the negative consequences/emotions that come from experiencing the death of anyone or anything dear to us, whether it be a person, relationship, career, or something greater, into something positive that gives the death of said thing or person meaning. The dragon represents the risk of death and destruction that is always omnipresent, and the fragility of life.

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