Behind The Artworks: VEIL OF THE SERPENT - Into The Moon (2024)

The cover for the new 'Into The Moon' EP is based on the cover idea of the 'Into The Moon' single from 2022. As we are re-releasing the song as three track EP with the original song, instrumental and alternate version now, we thought it makes sense to use the same black and white theme. But instead of just using the cover art from 2022 again, we decided to expand the moon theme a little bit and also include the theme of death. Back then, we kept the cover relatively simple so that we didn't spoil the story of the song and the listener had enough room for interpretation. It is now known what the song is about and the music video also portrayed it well at the time. So we have now gone one step further and incorporated the skull into the moon. The question of the meaning of life and death plays a big role in the song and we think the cover reflects this perfectly.

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