Behind The Artworks: Witchorious - Witchorious (2024)

Back in 2020 we had the idea of an artwork with satanic figures in a medieval landscape. We wanted to represent a sick old city that was full of vice and ruled by evil forces, with mentally-ill inhabitants, because it was a good summary of what we were planning to talk about in the album. We reached out to Vaderetro Studio because we had noticed their amazing work for several bands like The Necromancers and Church Of Misery, roughly in the same tone. They came up with a very impressive first draft with the castle and the characters, and we loved it immediately! Then, they added the final touches with the flames and all the occult objects: the knife, the goblet, the moon, etc. A very important element is the color too: we initially ordered black and white, but they suggested we use cream off-white and crimson red to embody the texture of an old parchment and drawing with blood. This artwork has been a huge inspiration all along the writing and recording of the album.

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