Behind The Scenes: Dioivo - Ata O Final (Official Video)

The music video for "Ata o final" was recorded during the group's last concert at Pub Transylvania in Vigo on December 23rd, where they presented their album "Cara os Ceios Incrementes" in their hometown. In front of an enthusiastic audience that completely filled the venue, selling out all 150 tickets available, the Vigo duo performed songs from the album alongside numerous collaborators from the city's music scene who also appeared in the video. The audiovisual piece was the result of Marko Otero's recording work and Adrián Porima's editing, achieving a result that Dioivo describes as "spectacular, perfectly capturing the atmosphere and sensations of a concert that was unforgettable for us." They emphasize their gratitude to both for their work.

Alongside Dioivo's members and the bands that shared the stage with them that night—Vigo trio Karracho and Segovian quartet Mortal Maze—the video features members of various prominent local bands throughout its almost 5-minute duration. Specifically, Aida from Her Anxiety, Jorge from Her Anxiety and Mileth, Belize Martínez, Dany from Atreides and Lardelúa, Soto from Ardora, Aarón from Lapsus Mentis, Fabio from Infrahumano and Gandhi Boxing Club, and David from Sulf-Atär. Artists from different styles collaborated with the Vigo duo on vocals, guitar, or bass to give their songs a different touch, and at the end of the event, they all came together on stage again to close the night in style, as can be seen in the final part of the music video. Dioivo also wanted to thank "Adriana Goretti and Lain Romasanta for taking the photos that night, Roberto Fontán for being the sound technician, and all the staff at Transylvania for the wonderful reception they always give us.

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