Behind The Scenes: DRAIN DOWN - Fake Leaders (Official Video)

We met at a gravel pit near Neuenburg close to the Rhine. After we found the person in charge who gave us permission to shoot a video there, we set out to find a suitable filming location on the huge site, which we found pretty quickly. We were immediately impressed by the setting, as it gave us a certain end-time scenario. We then set up the cameras and tested various settings. Fierce winds, which kicked up a lot of dust and sand, as you can see in the video, made filming a little more complicated but also created a fascinating end-time atmosphere. But as we had the active support of the film team, who filmed with a drone among other things, we were able to complete the video shoot without any major problems. After various takes, we had enough footage to complete the video. However, our instruments were pretty battered by all the sand that was scattered into the wind, but it was worth it, as you can see in the video.

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