Behind The Tracks: Burial Extraction - Out Of The Way (Single) (2024)

Stepping the music up with more progression, hooks and lead guitar, I took our songwriting and lyrical approach in a slightly different direction. Not compromising our old school sound, but wanting to expand on it, I explored more influences within and outside of the genre.
I wrote "out of the Way" (and the rest of the music on the upcoming E.P.) on the bass and not the guitar, hoping to capture more of an arpeggiated sound along with adding more layers and dynamics to the music.

Lyrically, I moved into more introspective and darker imagery. Most of the E.P. deals with the darker side of human condition. "Out Of The Way," is about the choices we have in front of us to find truth, but instead, finding solace behind shadows within ourselves; digging shallow graves to hide in and not wanting to move away from where we are.
Even graphically, we wanted the imagery to represent the inevitable march through life we all take together, staying away from the truth and huddling in darkness. Like the living dead within the art, we hide from truth that is right in front of us.

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