Behind The Tracks: Creature Creature - The Noise (Single) (2024)

Scully (Vocalist, lyricist): Creature Creature has always had a strong element of punk at our heart, and it’s as evident as ever in ‘The Noise’, clashing wholeheartedly with our rock sound. I did not hold back on the lyrics—post-pandemic stifling made it difficult to breathe, and this was our chance to let it all out in a powerhouse track that takes no prisoners. Billy Lunn of The Subways—well known for the indie-rock of songs like Rock & Roll Queen—let loose like you have never heard him before on the feature. His punk as f*** screams a perfect accompaniment to my vocal, detaching him from any skepticism of what people think he’s about, and cementing his status as one of the underestimated rock stars of our time. Old-school and new-school punk clash with Zeus’ signature rock guitar—we are a band not afraid to break from the norm or upset a few with our honesty, ‘The Noise‘ does just that, and does it with style!

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