Behind The Tracks: FOOL THE MASSES - Dream Talker (Single) (2024)

FOOL THE MASSES offer a deep insight into the psyche of a nightmare-plagued man with their first single “Dream Talker” taken from their sophomore album “It’s All Lost”
Yesterday, on February 1st, 2024, the German Industrial Metalcore band FOOL THE MASSES releases the first single “Dream Talker” from its upcoming album “It’s All Lost”, dealing with the confusing and agonizing experience of vivid nightmares.The protagonist is left with questions, self-doubt, and a sense of shame, wondering if he has done something wrong. The track captures the discomfort and vulnerability accompanying such unsettling dreams and encourages the listener to reflect on the blurred lines between dreams and reality. For this, Daniel Sadlowski (Obey The Kraken, Safe Haven, Rise Of Nebula) of Darkwood Visuals produced a music video that makes this frightening scenario a reality. The five-piece band presents its musical definition of Industrial Metalcore, manifesting itself with impressive intensity on the second full-length album released on June 7th, 2024, via Dr. Music Records. From the start, an extraordinary puzzle of Hardcore, Metal and Techno was pieced together. Out of this crystallizes the impressively brute sound, featuring thrilling melodies and a red-hot cocktail that sticks in the head throughout the twelve songs of “It’s All Lost”. Soundwise, frontman Niklas Ratsch and his band alternate clean vocals with screams and brute shouts, paired with massive Metal riffs and rounded off by mechanical drum beats with loads of synthesizer sounds. Instead of a drummer, FOOL THE MASSES rely on Dutchman DJ Vornax, who provides the basis with his versatile Electro beats. Furthermore, lead guitarist Lea Karla engages in feisty duels with second guitarist Raphael Moujou. The hard-hitting Metalcore album was produced and mastered at Blackhole Music & Productions Studio by bassist Lucas Grünke, and the apocalyptic artwork was created by Kamil Wilde of Heart Taped Designs (i.a. Maelfoy, Alexis In Texas, Never Back Down). FOOL THE MASSES are enjoying a steadily growing fan base with their successful live shows throughout Germany, both furious and sweat-inducing, and the five band members are using their gigs’ energy to refine their sound further, which they consistently pursue with their dystopian masterpiece “It’s All Lost”. The disturbing music video for “Dream Talker” gives a first glimpse of the album’s sinister doomsday vision, providing a deep insight into the psyche of the first single:

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