Behind The Tracks: Franck Carducci - Slave to Rock 'n' Roll (Single) (2024)

It started off as a parody!
I’ve always loved and been inspired by Greek mythology. (My first album opens with the song “Achilles”). Some time ago, I discovered the myth of Arion. He was the first famous musician, playing his kithara, going on tour, getting kidnapped by pirates who robbed him and threw him out in the water, … and I thought, wow … this character was actually the very first rock-star!
Then I had the idea of creating a modern version of this story, so I wrote a (15 mn long) song called “SUPERSTAR” telling a story similar to the original but taking place nowadays. That’s how “Arion Superstar” came to life. He was born in Hollywood, he’s seen it all and done it all. He’s no longer enthusiastic about life and success because he’s already lived it all. But anyway, his story is told in that SUPERSTAR track.
Then I thought, this Arion is such a big rock star, he must have had a superhit song! So I started to write a would-have-been AOR hit single and that’s how “Slave to Rock ‘n’ Roll” was born. When we tried it live, I started impersonating Arion on stage because it's supposed to be an Arion hit, not a Franck Carducci hit :)
Everybody seemed to love it so we thought it would be a good idea to make a music video out of it. Given the subject, we could use a lot of humor and self-derision, in the pure tradition of the 70’s classic-rock hits.
We had a great time shooting a funny and entertaining video full of glam to go with it.

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