Behind The Tracks: Keep This Up - Blossom (Single) (2024)

During the recording and finalizing of Paper Houses, we asked ourselves "where next?". We wanted to write a song that brings in new production elements (more synths and electronic styles) alongside more aggression and higher energy. It started with a riff that Jared had sent in the band chat and the idea just spawned from there really. We built onto the track piece by piece testing the elements we wanted to incorporate whilst keeping it around the 3-minute mark.

Once the song had been structured and a demo recorded, we knew where it would sit vocally. The lyrics didn't take long to come together at all. Between Jared and Chris who predominantly write the lyrics for the tracks, it wasn't a hard task. We found a hook for the chorus and worked with it as it all fell together.

Emotionally the song looks at different aspects of relationships - from friends, family and even partners. It's great when both people invest the same time and effort but if one person stops, then it quickly devolves into something bitter. This causes frustration, depression and loss to envelop a person and completely change their perspective. This song is about putting time into the right people and taking back that time you wasted on the wrong people.

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