Behind The Tracks: Uragh - The Widening Gyre (Single) (2024)

Vocalist Craig Murphy: I wrote the song about an occurrence of a tragic incident that had taken place in one's life in the past. Such an incident that isn't just remembered by piecing fragments of a distant memory together, but rather a full on dramatic play with cascading effects on one's 'state of mind'. Lyrics such as "The torment, eats away, gnawing at the matter". The torment refering to the 'incident' and 'matter' referring to brain matter and the cascading effects caused by the incident that had happened. In the lyrics of the soft section of the song, 'Whatever happened to, the freedom of blame, that we all crave' is a desire to be set free of guilt or accusations, once again, referring to the incident in the past. 'Those careful steps, could never detect, the landmines are set in my head' shows the unpredictability and danger of navigating one's thoughts and emotions.

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