Track By Tracks: ABERRATION - Refracture (2024)

1. Antithesis:

As the opening of the album, we wanted to incorporate a bit of every idea on this track. It represents the start of a self-examination process and recognizing the parts of one that are antithetical to what one believes or doesn't.

2. Wresting Vibrations / Prism:

Wrestling opens with an off-kilter riff that gives way to various points of "almost melody" that reflects the foundations of inner turmoil and struggle, wrestling with yourself, and ends with a descent into chaotic noise as that turmoil subsides into uneasiness.

3. Interstitial Enmity:

Brutality and simplicity as one fights the dark parts of their psyche with glimpses of lingering chaos atmosphere

4. Blighted: 

Excising the rotten parts of oneself, removing the blight and dearth but in the process leaving a withered husk

5. Refracture:

What is to become or not become - a frail shell filled with infinitely expanding light and exponentially increasing to the point of no return, yet still not whole

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