Track By Tracks: Abort. - PAST (2023)


The conception of the work depicts the life that has even been seized and suffered in the past with various fragments of flashbacks. Even though we tend to reminisce, we still have the power to ignite the future.

Those significant components like groovy, aggressive, retro, ballad, progressive, decadent, and narrative sound also make it possible to hook your mind to dive inside.


1. SIX FEET UNDER, 1987:

Throughout human history, we can see every culture has undergone some form of destruction. As humans living on this planet such a long time ago, we have experienced a bunch of precious treasures of every cultural thing in the past. Most have vanished because of the literal destruction of humankind. No matter what reasons we cannot revive, the sweetest memories are buried inside our minds eternally. This atmospheric and cinematic soundscape track portrays themes of decay and disappointment when faced with the realities of the world. We have come to understand that remembering our fragments of the past is precious.

2. APHRODITE (Feat. Akari Aobara):

“Aphrodite” is a short story chapter that depicts a young man and lady wandering in search of a place where they yearn to belong. However, this story still needs to be completed, and we will fully open the whole in the next chapter of the next EP.


In the life of a creator, that is the same feeling as parents giving birth to their babies. Therefore, creator predominantly suffer and worry about what their vision wants to become. In many cases, your endeavors are not equally valued and admired by the mainstream way; the authoritative standard entirely overwhelms the value of your existence and causes you to suffer for absurd reasons.

It is a song that expresses suffering and emptiness in the daily life of human society.


It depicts human feuds — the mental spicy emptiness of struggling in the daily repetition as an abyss of despair we can't understand the reason.

"I'm tired..." When we think so, the music and lyrics unconsciously come out. Probably, this is an eternal theme to live as a human.

This track could accompany and be close to you if you situate this issue.


We were yearning to be great adults when we were kids. However, we had many excuses for ourselves and couldn’t achieve it. We are suffering and miserable in this life; meanwhile, we still need to keep fighting ourselves with no regret.

6. N.P.D:

It's such a story that may be happen around you which narrates a protagonist is a personality disorders requires a desirable need for admiration and self-importance, lack of empathy with other people’s feelings, tend to be dangerous and darkness behavior as psychosocial. We have actually met in the past and absolutely was a hardship moment to overcome.


Depict the darkness of society that nobody knows. A lot of people are crying in places that encounter cruelness and die a tragic death without judgment and fairness. Some acts are deprived of human dignity. However, we still believe in the causation of nature as salvation in the universe.


The depiction of love from various angles tries to interpret the relationship. It is natural that the men and women of others of inner turmoil and struggle to understand one's own emotions and perceptions. Arouse has a sense of confusion and is figuring out answers about their own emotions but cannot overcome the tragedy of love and frustration.


A young boy who cannot find where he is. No matter where he is, he doesn’t feel like himself. That’s why he tried to stay in the room filled with the reflection of the unreality, feeling like immersing himself in a world. One of the hopes that appeared in such this room. What is the last action that he was taken?

10. THE FUNERAL, 2012:

The Destruction of civilization that has been reflecting since 2012. No matter this widespread belief of prophecy had emphasized the end of the world in that year, the truth is not physically destroyed and damaged; the truth is the civilization is totally lost by unexpected and dramatic factors, all factors are caused by mankind’s arrogance and never come back again.

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