Track By Tracks: Anathoth - Eternidad (2024)

Anathoth is a solo metal project that was born in my heart. I originally come from Coahuila, México. I'm a product of a strong Christian faith and a taste for powerful guitars and aggressive drums.

Anathoth is about giving a solid message and telling the world that there is hope in the midst of so much chaos. That's where the idea of making music with purpose comes from. On the "Eternidad" EP, you will find 5 songs that pave the way for an upcoming 12-track album.

"David vs. Goliat" tells the Biblical story of the young David. He had to face a powerful Philistine warrior descendant of the giants. He defeated him by embedding a stone in his forehead and then decapitating the giant with his own sword.

"Harto" is about the millions of people in the world dealing with addictions, traumas, grudges, and complexes from which it is almost impossible for them to get out. The song talks about the daily struggle that man has to overcome his adversities.

"Eternidad" addresses how the Bible relates that at the end of time, we will see God face to face as He is. He will dry the tears from our eyes, there will be no more hunger or pain, and we will live eternally by His side.

"El Jinete" is about how in Revelation 19:11-16, the Apostle John describes his vision of the glorious and mighty Son of God riding his white horse. He comes to judge the nations righteously.

"Redencion" talks about man's conflict between accepting God's forgiveness and love or rejecting it. No matter how strong or how many arguments we have, God's love for humanity is bigger than us.

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