Track By Tracks: Announce The Apocalypse - Experience Machine (2024)

1. After the Plague:

This song sets the scene with a rally scene through the Protagonist's eyes. The president has just announced that an act was passed that will ban assault rifles and presumably end the epidemic of mass shootings. The protagonist disagrees.

2. State of Nihilism:

In this track, the Protagonist speaks his mind to the public letting everyone know that an act will not stop wrongful occurrences and that nothing is going to change.

3. In the Wake:

The Protagonist goes home from the rally in a terrible mood. He confronts his girlfriend and tells her that he wants to break up. Little does he know that she is suicidal.

4. Dying Words:

The Protagonist's Girlfriend, Piper, kills herself in front of him and he now regrets what he did and wants to die with her.

5. At the Burial:

The Protagonist is mourning over Piper's grave. From afar, Dr. Draven is watching him mourn and he is intrigued.

6. Without Purpose:

The Protagonist is back home with a gun to his head. He hears a knocking at the door and it's Dr. Draven. Draven tells him that he has something that can take his pain away but he needs to come with him to find out.

7. Dr. Draven:

This is Draven's introduction explaining to the Protagonist that he has created something that can make life beautiful again.

8. Experience Machine:

Realization sets in. The Protagonist is strapped to the machine and officially gets plugged in.

9. Without Fear:

The Protagonist is in the simulation. He is living his dream of being a famous musician. The pain from his life is gone.

10. Return to a Broken Reality:

The Protagonist gets unplugged from the machine. He is told by Draven that riots are starting as a result of a new mass shooting at an elementary school. Draven tells him to go home and reflect.

11. Forever the Pariah:

The Protagonist arrives home and is confronted by his mother. She blames him for Piper's suicide and he responds by accepting he will never be accepted by her or society. He plugs back into the machine.

12. Upon the Riots:

Riots have begun. People are burning down buildings including Draven's facility. Draven escapes but gets shot in the process. The protagonist is left plugged into the simulation while the building is in flames. His body is recovered but no response.

13. Simulation Evermore:

The Protagonist is in a void, yet he is unaware of his existence. He reunites with Piper momentarily and he's happy only for the moment.

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