Track By Tracks: AUTUMNBLAZE - Auf zerfetzten Schwingen (2024)

1. Die Unseligen:

A raging and uncompromising start to the new album. Lyrically it's a religious theme. Those familiar with the bible will recognize that the text is based on the beatitudes from the 5th chapter of the gospel of Matthäus, but it turns them upside down. But in the end "Die Unseligen" is not only a bible critique but also a sharp critique of the churches. Very complex song and lyrics.

2. Niedertracht:

This is our statement against war. The lyrics are bitter and ironic and so is the music written. While the verses are almost poppy and underline the lyrics, in the chorus we almost dive into black metal harshness. Maybe the war in the Ukraine was the starting point for this song but the circle of violence fed by the money that produces weapons over weapons is a worldwide problem.

3. Offenes Grab:

This is one of the unusual songs on the album. We like it a lot. It’s quite different from what we did before and it adds a new scent to our music. We call it a morbid ballad. It's divided into several verses and grows into a big hymn. The lyrics are written from the perspective of an unknown character who offers an open grave to another one.

4. Auf zerfetzten Schwingen:

The title song. A mixture of harsh screaming and beautiful singing. A very long song and dressed in the typical Autumnblaze melancholy. Also some ironic moments in the chorus. The lyrics are somehow more personal on this one. But in the end, they describe the depression we sometimes dive in when thinking too much about the current state of the world.

5.Wie soll ich dir ein Morgen schenken:

Again a very untypical song for us with a catchy melody. The lyrics are the worried words of a father to a beloved child who realizes that more and more people are following simplistic answers, radicalizing, believing in conspiracy theories, and no longer thinking for themselves. What future awaits us, awaits our children? If we allow our humanity, tolerance, and ability to think and question for ourselves to be taken away, surely a very, very bleak future awaits!

6. Vater Mutter Kind:

A direct and blunt statement against war and warmongering. Behind every armed conflict are economic, territorial, or power-political interests of state leaders, where people ALWAYS lose, being used as soldiers, tortured, abused, and killed as civilians, and in the end, everything lies in ruins. Yet the state leaders continue to reside in their palaces. Musically quite heavy and progressive with an intense end part.

7. Der letzte Gruß:

This short piece was written in the studio. We knew something was missing after Vater Mutter Kind. And this is the perfect song to follow. Just acoustic guitars, a choir, and a narrating voice. Lyrically it's a direct and brutal view into the horrible consequences of war. Each lost life is a tragedy.

8. Morast:

Similar to “Offenes Grab, this is a morbid and slow ballad. One of our favorite songs. It starts so eerie and dark. Could be a little horror story by Edgar Allen Poe.

9. Zerfetzt:

"Torn Apart" is a very personal text that echoes the theme of "Wir sind was wir sind" from our album "Perdition Diaries" in the opening lines. The song is like another page in my diary of damnation and loss. It's a deep look into a wounded soul that tears us apart, even though we love it immeasurably.

Musically it’s straight and direct in the face. Maybe the song which is closest to our old stuff. And then turning into a slow and melancholic final.

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