Track By Tracks: Backbone - Ominous (2023)

1. Omen:

This is a composition that was made long before Backbone even existed, but we always came back to it, and we decided to use it as the opening. At that time, it didn't have a name, but the one we chose seemed appropriate. ‘Omen' is the root of "Ominous" (in Latin ominosus: omen+osus). An omen is a forewarning. According to the dictionary, "A sign or indication that is interpreted as the announcement of a future event."

2. The Feeling Of Rust Against My Fingers:

The original name of the song was "The Feeling Of Rust Against My Salad Fingers" and it comes from the surrealist psychological horror flash animation series "Salad Fingers" created by David Firth in 2004. The lyrics address despair and internal struggle, describing a state of profound discomfort. Despite moments of serenity symbolized by the waves, a hunger for fear that feeds itself persists. The idea of cutting the skin represents a painful release of internal anguish while emphasizing resistance to emotional death. The song highlights the need to express and release internal pain.

3. Angry Spirits:

The song explores the decomposition of the body after death with impactful imagery, conveying the anger and despair of a spirit trapped in death. It also suggests the communication of the spirit, which can be interpreted as a metaphor for post-mortem persistence.

4. Disrupted:

The word "Disrupted" implies a break from the status quo and could signal a rupture with established religious norms. The lyrics suggest a satirical critique of religious doctrines, questioning the morality of priests, using ironic language to describe enlightenment, and pointing out the emptiness of seeking forgiveness. The repetition of "Hail to the new god" could indicate irony in celebrating a "new god." Overall, the lyrics explore themes of skepticism toward religious authority and the search for spiritual meaning.

5. Ash:

It symbolizes complete annihilation, suggesting that the person the song is addressing is destined to become nothing more than ashes, describing finality and extinction. This is the oldest song in the repertoire. Originally performed by the band "Alhazred" in 2010 (two of its members later formed Backbone). The lyrics and tuning were adapted to this new project. Lyrically, It describes an intense and destructive experience, with references to violence, aversion, and self-assertion. The imagery of ashes and the repetition of defiant phrases suggest a narrative of total destruction and domination over someone.

6. To Be Announced:

The title "To Be Announced" suggests uncertainty and mystery surrounding the experience narrated in the song, highlighting a destiny or reality yet to be revealed. The lyrics speak of a persistent wound causing pain and hindering breath. The speaker feels disconnected, losing vitality, and facing loneliness. The metaphor of mud suggests an ongoing struggle against challenging circumstances. The original title was "122232323," which was a mnemonic aid to remember the repeating rhythmic pattern throughout the song.

7. Crushing The Silence:

The title suggests the desire to break with internal stillness, facing and overcoming mental darkness. This song originally appeared on the EP "R'lyeh" (2017), being the only one that was reworked with Sergio Montes as the vocalist. The lyrics suggest a battle against the mind, where intense imagery like "crush it" and "stab me" is mentioned, which could be interpreted as a quest to overcome inner stillness and confront emotional torments.

8. Lurking Fear:

The title refers to the short story "The Lurking Fear" written in 1922 by the American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. The song explores the presence of a latent and dark fear that deeply affects the psyche and perception of reality. The description of the night, death in the clouds, and fear in the darkness resonate with the cosmic and dark tone present in Lovecraft's works, where horrors are often linked to forces beyond human understanding.

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