Track By Tracks: Blood Opera - Songs In The Key Of Death (2024)

About the album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

Legend has it that the world's most gruesome heavy metal band Blood Opera died while making their debut album. A couple of dudes attempt to dig up the bodies which are said to have the only copy of the album. They unwittingly unleash the ghouls, setting off the zombie apocalypse. The songs have grooves, badass riffs, eerie synths, and big choruses and are about our beloved horror films. A news report breaks up the album, detailing the zombie carnage that has run rampant. As the album ends, the listener is told how The Band of the Living Dead will return, and how with this CD, they possess the first key to humanity's survival.


2. Feeding Frenzy:

A Twin Peaks-inspired keyboard intro provides the backdrop to the grave-robbing narration. The song then launches into a fast and heavy rocker, inspired by Return of the Living Dead. The songs feature Kittie vocalist Morgan Lander and actress Linnea Quigley.

3. Don’t Go Out Tonight:

Based on the film Maniac, this drop d tuned chugger is short and straight to the point but keeps the energy flowing.

4. Fight to Survive:

A film reel begins spinning as a drum intro launches into this 80’s hair metal track based on The Hills Have Eyes. Featuring actor Michael Berryman.

5. A Waste of Good Suffering:

An Iron Maiden-style galloper based on the film Hellraiser, featuring a memorable guitar harmony and groovy bass solo.

6. The Gates of Hell:

Inspired by the cult film of the same name. Another heavy track brings in more modern influences and progressions. Features guest keyboard work by Goblin’s Maurizio Guarini.

8. Killer Klowns From Outer Space:

This is a cover of The DIckies song from the film of the same name. It features guest keyboard work by the composer of the OST John Massari.

9. The Ballad of Father Malone:

This Black Sabbath doomy track features actress Adrienne Barbeau and is based on the film The Fog.

10. Brundlefly:

A snippet featuring our late drummer Dick Demons drum solo then launches into a sci-fi punk/metal hybrid track based on The Fly.

11. Damien:

A Satanic, gregorian style operatic intro summons a heavy demonic track based on The Omen.

12. Be My Victim:

This bonus track was our single from 2022 and features actor Tony Todd and is based on the film Candyman. It was produced by Scott Middleton (ex-Cancer Bats). As it is an older song it features a couple members no longer in the band but as it is an important song for us we wanted to include it. Fans of Ghost will dig this keyboard and chorus-driven rocker.

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