Track By Tracks: Deus Ex Machina - III (2022)

1. Ignition:

A track a out positivity and moving forward. The inherent drive in all of us that keeps us alive

2. Halt:

Another track about humankind, and their failures. How we fight to survive, fight to breathe, and fight for rights

3. As Is:

How we've never learned from history. It always repeats itself no matter what we have learned. Inspired by the pandemic

4. Intermission:

Voices in your head. What drives us to do what we do

5. Eyes wide shut:

Inspired by real events. This is a song about the most vile filth known to mankind- Rapists and Pedophiles.

6. The sands of time:

Another track about history. This was inspired by religion and how it destroys and does not guide many. How people misinterpret "guidance"

7. Visions Blind:

Inspired by the book The DaVinci Code.

8. A life less lived.

A track about suicidal tendencies. What would happen if we just cut our lives short. Would it really solve everything?

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