Track By Tracks: The Great Alone - Perception (2024)

"Perception" is an album that blends powerful and energetic rock melodies with soothing and comforting undertones, exploring the intricate nature of perception in its emotional and physical dimensions. It is meant to be a mesmerizing collection of songs, using powerful and energetic music to provoke introspection, contemplation, and self-discovery.

1. The Call:

The song serves as an introduction to the album. It's intriguing and captivating, inviting listeners to delve into the depths of their psyche and memories, metaphorically represented by oceanic imagery. The mystical atmosphere at the beginning, both ambient and rhythmic, gives way to a dynamic guitar riff, revealing the true power of the song before returning to an enchanting ambiance towards the end.

2. Beyond Dreams:

This song speaks of the feeling or fear of being tormented during sleep, whisked away into another dimension at the risk of not being able to return to reality. The classic instrumental base of guitar, bass, and drums is complemented by background choirs and soundscapes that bind everything together, adding more character and depth to the music. The choirs bring a "haunted" aspect to the song. We aimed to make Beyond Dreams a dark and dynamic rock song, with a multifaceted vocal presentation and a unique rhythm that emphasizes its decadent side.

3. Mania:

The song explores the dangerous obsession that can arise from placing too much value on others' appreciation. This rock anthem takes a surprising turn with the introduction of a delicate piano sequence in the middle, followed by vocal ornamentation that sets the stage for a powerful conclusion.

3. Stars & Storms:

Stars & Storms explores the haunted memories of a place that has burned. This song offers a contrast of atmospheres influenced by ethereal vocals at the beginning and the explosive rock energy of the choruses that sweep the listener through a whirlwind of emotions from start to finish. The groovy verses, where the bass line is omnipresent, add intriguing elements to the overall rock ambiance.

4. Prism:

The song addresses the theme of restlessness and nervousness that often accompany people during the transition from day to night. The dancing rhythm and soft chorus soothe the listener from the first seconds. It's a melancholic and catchy song with the usual instrumental base of The Great Alone: guitar, bass, drums, electronic soundscapes, and vocals.

5. Cell:

Here, the theme of the prison of the mind is highlighted. It explores the consuming nature of guilt, balancing the heaviness of the choruses with the almost naive sweetness of the verses. The piano is prominent in this song, which concludes with an epic ending that gives the impression of soaring.

6. Quiet Place:

The song explores the search for a tranquil sanctuary in one's mind to protect oneself from the jealousy and envy of others. The soothing and undulating melody of the verses contrasts with the tension of the pre-choruses, which are answered by the choruses. This leads to a surprising transition and piano bridge where the vocals invite introspection before the grand finale, which further expands the song's scope.

7. Horizon:

This song brings an enchanting, poignant, and contemplative turn to the album, depicting the thoughts and hopes of a desperate person seeking mental liberation. The blend of sadness and hope carried by a rhythm that cradles the listener gives way to a unique and memorable guitar melody in this song, which was the first one Murielle and Vincent composed together. The fragility of the verses leads to the determination and darkness of the pre-choruses. The main melody resembles a lullaby and encourages movement. It's accentuated, after the 3rd chorus, by a beautiful violin that initiates an atmospheric transition leading to the finale. It's a song that invites the listener to surrender and be carried away.

8. Icons:

Icons is the most progressive song on the album due to its particular structure. Powerful, it explores the worship of individuals, gods, or ideologies. The impactful chorus with determined phrasing contrasts with the turbulent parts of the verses. It's a powerful song that sometimes seems to sweep us into the heart of a tornado.

9. Reverie:

This song explores dreams and their decadent world, offering a respite from reality. The album takes on a dreamlike quality but remains resolutely rock with passages confirming the metal influence in the composition of this album. Once again, dynamics are at the heart of the composition of Reverie, whose ending seems to embrace us and carry us away into an imaginary realm.

10. Illusion:

Illusion tackles the act of wearing masks to hide from oneself or others until one is confronted with their true self. This introspective and stimulating track serves as an appropriate conclusion to the album's exploration of perception. The piano is the backbone of this dark song with a cold atmosphere, ending on a powerful and dark note that reveals ourselves to ourselves.

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