Track By Tracks: My Silent Wake - Lost In Memories, Lost In Grief (2024)

1. The Liar and The Fool:

A song about manipulating liars and the poor fools that follow their idiotic words, falling unquestioningly under their spell. This could be a religious or political figure that misuses their position to gain control. In the end, there is always chaos and tragedy. The song begins with a victim of this situation and their memories of a loved one.

2. Wolf:

The song deals with an imaginary danger that lurks in the back of one's mind like a black cloud. The wolf of the title could be a superstition, a religious belief, or an irrational fear or phobia and although it isn't real in any physical sense, it is very real to the sufferer.

3. Lavender Garden:

My mother died the year before last and she was suffering from Alzheimers. She was still generally happy and in the end, died due to heart failure before she lost all recognition. She was unaware of reality to a large extent by the time she died but could still laugh and hold a conversation, even though it would mostly veer off in a strange direction. She struggled to find the correct word to describe things. This song is all about what I imagine could be going on in her mind. She loved the lavender, birds, and gardens, hence the title and parts of the lyrics.

4. When You Look Back

The song is about not being afraid to look back and consider your past; the good and the bad. The song is about considering missed opportunities but realizing when it is time to just return to something comforting.

5. Another Light:

If, for instance, you lose your religious faith or a relationship falls apart, instead of it leading to disillusionment and anger, I think it is worth looking for light in something or someone else. The song paints a picture of different kinds of light.

6. The Last Lullaby:

Another song inspired by my late mother and the sacrifices that she made throughout her life for her family. The song alludes to her final moments but also describes the childhood that my sister and I experienced with our kind, sweet parents.

7. No Time:

Modern life; no time to think or consider; everything is one big rush; so much (too much) choice; bombardment of advertisements and opinions and anger. A longing for a quieter time.

8. The Judges:

As an agnostic, and some would say apostate, I felt moved to write this song after certain judgmental comments and a general feeling of abandonment by a certain element that was very interested in me (us) previously, when our opinions aligned.

Musically, the songs were a mixture of parts that I already had and complete songs that I reworked. The rest were completed soon after my mother died as at times like that I feel the need to create. The music wasn't bound by any rules but was just the kind of thing I wanted to hear at the time.

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