Track By Tracks: Nightmare Screen - The Slumber (2024)

1. I’m Changing:

This reprints the angst of changes to come. It’s the harbinger of what’s to come.

2. Molotov Cocktail:

This song is a melancholy theme about the fragility of life. We are vessels of glass and our fuel will burn out.

3. First Sin:

This song represents temptation.

4. Falling Down:

This song is about the regret of giving into temptation and the shame that follows.

5. Something Divine:

This song represents chasing worldly things for fulfillment only to come up empty.

6. Possession:

This song represents the poisoning of the spider.

7. The Slumber:

This song represents the dream-like state of the child after being seduced by the spider and poisoned.

8. Haunting Me:

This song represents the addiction of the slumber and how it’s always calling to you. It’s a comfortable place to stay.

9. The Spider:

This song is the realization that the spider has you and you’re caught in the web.

10. Breath:

This song is falling into the rhythm of being ensnared.

11. Surrender:

This song is the end of the fight and allows the slumber to wash over you.

12. The Game:

This song is about hope of breaking free and realizing it’s all a great big game.

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