Track By Tracks: NOVICHOK - Geo-Desiccant (2024)

1. Thrash Free or Die:

This is an ode to metalheads everywhere who refuse to succumb to societal norms. The Bridge section features Guitar and Bass Solo trade-offs which eventually combine for a frenzied duel tapping harmony.

2. First World Poisons:

People in high society will expend great effort fretting over frivolous things...this song discusses some pathetic wastes of privilege. Musically this song is pure controlled rage.

3. Tire Fire:

Have you ever wondered what happens to old disused tires? They usually end up in massive heaps eventually to be burned for energy or by accident. Either way, an environmental disaster ensues. This short ripper features a Dimebag-inspired solo and a heavy breakdown in the middle section.

4.  Apes With Sticks:

An anthem about mankind’s prehistoric urge to kill for self-gain. The song starts with a sound bite of a hominid bashing in the head while blood spatters can be heard with each blow. The chorus features a gang-style backing vox.

5. Freedom Fighter’s Manual:

The CIA deserves songwriting credits for this track; The lyrics were taken directly from American propaganda airdropped over Nicaragua in the 1980s. The FFM is a comic strip encouraging various acts of terrorism attempting to weaken the communist regime of the time. This is “Sneaker Metal” inspired by Sepultura’s style.

6. Dead Weight:

This song is the narration of an actual nightmare in which a scuba gear malfunction seals your fate as the eager sea life begins to feast even before you are dead. Inspired by an early Cannibal Corpse, it’s thrash bordering on death metal.

7. Predicting Terror:

Since day one metal bands have been telling us of impending doom. This anthem is paying homage to their warnings and encourages the metal community to pay attention as the future unfolds.

8. Geo-Desiccant:

The word “Mortgage” literally translates to “Death Pledge”. This song is about early settlers building on hard work and hope, and how Money-lenders steal generational wealth as future generations abandon the dreams of their ancestors. The slow tempo of this track only emphasizes the heavy weight of its riffs.

9. Heat Death:

It’s theorized that the universe will eventually expand so much that matter and energy will scatter apart, eventually unraveling in an ever-lasting eventless homogenous vacuum. All things that ever were will cease to exist and there will be no possible record of anything that has ever happened. The song features rich percussion sections and a haunting guitar lead.

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