Track By Tracks: Sea Of Consciousness - Sea Of Consciousness (2024)

1. Sea of Consciousness:

This track tells the story of the beginning of trauma. The first response is a flurry of aggressive and hyperemotions. Then comes the comedown and the reflection of what has happened. The last part of the song is the first attempt at understanding that comes after the comedown. This is the first song that we created and stands as a prime example of our musical style.

2. Misconception:

This track deals with the emotion of betrayal and the shattering of preconceived ideas. The emotion starts off as a slow and lumbering movement towards the angry feelings that come after. The middle part is also the reflection of the betrayal before it returns to the original movement.

3. From the Ashes:

Here you have the first positive procession of the trauma that has occurred. From the ashes, you are reborn in a new image that you have created after everything burned down.

4. Opposite Side:

Feelings of nostalgia and sadness after the closing of a chapter in your life.

5. Reflections:

This song is the ultimate reflection process of what has happened to you. The waters have calmed down a bit and you are thinking about what happened and what is going to happen.

6. Traversals:

After the reflection you are walking to the next chapter in life, not knowing what you will find there. There is a sense of danger and adventure in not knowing what’s next.

7. Solitudo:

This song is the personification of the feelings of sadness and loneliness. After the walk, you get into a deep depression and struggle to find your way outside the mental swamp of solitude.

8. Persistence:

Here you have the ultimate victory song. You have conquered the solitude and depression, and are celebrating your newfound self-confidence. The song is invoking a victorious and celebratory feeling of vanquishing an inner demon.

9. Torchbearer:

The final song and the final reminder of your newfound power. We invoke the mighty Torchbearer to always light your way in the darkness of reality. The Torchbearer is the entity that will give wisdom and power to those who have conquered their demons and are on the right path.

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