Track By Tracks: Sociasylum - Harmony Of Discordance (2024)

1. Inertia:

“Inertia” is probably the one song that was written in one go during a jam session. It almost feels like the most straightforward and more d-beat-heavy song on the EP. The sloppy blastbeat riff is somewhat inspired by the noisier aspects of Full of Hell.

Lyrically the song deals with a society that blindly follows its leader while remaining indifferent to change anything and just simply goes with the flow.

2. Hands of Desire:

The instrumental itself was put together consciously wanting to mix more hardcore influences into our songs, there's also a part that has some Napalm Death-styled octaves. Unconsciously the blastbeat part sounds like a slightly cleaner and more hardcore-infused version of a song by Plebeian Grandstand, specifically the song Thrvst.

Lyrically the song was written from the perspective of being crushed alive by having your own personal home, your haven, be destroyed as a result of bombing. At the same time, the song puts the responsibility for this tragedy on the shoulders of the surrounding society being too egocentric and allowing such a horrible event to occur.

3. Where the Serpents Sleep:

We wanted to write an ambient noisy track to bridge Hands of Desire and Vanity. This ambient multilayered noise track was written on the spot during the guitar tracking session.

4. Vanity:

The last track on the EP was one of the first songs written during the covid period and it took some time to properly figure out how to end the song. While being the first song written, this track has the most amount of dissonant chords and harmonies present, which serve as somewhat of a doorway to our next release.

Lyrically this song is about using propaganda to mold followers, who hold materialistic values higher than global ideas of peace.

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