Track By Tracks: Synical - This Will All Happen Again (2024)

1. Mount Resentment:

The opening instrumental was a revelation in discovering how almost all the “media” in the United States repeats the same “news” messages every single day on all the same channels. NBC is owned by Comcast/Universal, CBS is owned by National Amusements, Disney owns ABC, CNN is Time Warner, etc. So any “news” is carefully scripted by entertainment companies. In this song, the same phrase “don’t worry, be happy” is repeated over and over on countless channels just like robots to prove the point that nothing is real on television. 

2. Homesick:

This song was written at a seedy dive hotel room in Atlanta, Ga while Brian Haught – the founder of SYNICAL – was on tour. David Black and J1M1 Echo were also in the room jamming and this song was born. The title suggests an eternal longing to return to a place “you’ve never been”. Homesick deals with the things in life that can ruin a person coupled with the reality that you can never “go back home” because that place no longer exists as you remember it.

3. Different Then:

This track features the legendary Groovie Mann the singer of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult on lead vocals, Kevin & David J Haskins from Bauhaus/Love & Rockets on drums and bass, and James Hall from Mary My Hope on trumpet. This song is about the person you were in your youth versus the person you wound up being. It’s a look back at all the crazy things you used to do and a nostalgic ride down memory lane.

4. This Will All Happen Again:

The title track of the album comes from Brian Haught – the founder of Synical – being on tour in East Germany and visiting a WW2 death camp. The brutality and horror that humans have done to one another is unspeakable. However, when people forget that things like this occurred, history has shown that “this will all happen again.” We never want to repeat the mistakes of the past and history must be preserved and remembered no matter how awful or tragic.

5. False Nature:

This song touches on the importance of “nature” over “people”. Humans have created beautiful symphonies, masterful works of art, and even sent other humans to the moon. Nature should never be discounted. People should always come first and the thought of materials or objects being more important than humans was the “heartbreaker” that sparked this timeless and thought-provoking song.

6. Capri:

This instrumental break was spawned during a Synical tour of Italy in 2008. The infamous Roman emperor Tiberius Caesar fled Rome to an enchanted Isle called Capri where he engaged in the most evil and vile acts ever recorded. This whimsical melody lays a sacrifice to the ancients and gives the album a mysterious pause to cleanse the musical palette.

7. Trapeze:

This song is an unusual offering that has a literal lyrical meaning. Synical didn’t want to beat around the bush and this song deals with the life and death decisions we all make every day. If you fail to have trust in others, whether you want to or not, you might not catch the hands stretched out on the “trapeze”. In life, it’s the same. “One slip and you’re gonna die.”

8. Heart Can’t Tell Me No:

A rare song indeed from Synical that deals with unfulfilled tragic longing. We all know that some relationships that have passion turn out to be very bad. In this case, one “lover” cannot deny feelings that are known to be harmful, and the other “lover” is aware of the same and using it to an advantage. No matter what they do, they can’t stop. In the end, both know the affair is doomed and are resigned to their fate. 

9. Party Needs:

This goth dance club banger was written and recorded in part in Paris, France. The insane singer “O” from French band Undercover Slut is on background vocals and has lots of choice French proverbs to sing in the song. The Parisians are known to be the life of the party and in this example offer a one-stop shop to pleasure. Literally providing anything your “Party Needs.” It also uses the German drum technology Maschine on drums to provide an authentic futuristic euro beat flavoring. 

10. Autumn Of Discontent:

The final track on the album is an epic hindsight on the current state of the world. The first passage refers to Brian the singer being born in the “summer of love” but predicts his death will be in the “winter of hate” unless humans can turn things around. It’s not too late to change however each generation in some way has “failed at its turn” so we are all to blame. The song also reveals that the people you love the most are the ones who really know how to hurt you. The world needs a solution soon otherwise this song may well be the soundtrack to the fall of civilization.

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