Band Biographies: Battlefront

Battlefront was formed in 2017 by Corvo and James in their quest for a band with an astonishing and powerful live show that flashed the audience and that they had never seen performed by an independent band, which included heavy, melodic music that pierced in the ears of the audience and made the Battlefront experience unforgettable. Along with the project's formation, Moon, Haze, and Fearr joined the ranks with the same mindset to take over the music scene.

Battlefront bases its sound and music upon numerous influences and styles of not only metal music but music overall, which includes regional music from their home country Mexico, blues, American and British rock and metal, 80's pop music, metal-core, and so on. Their live performances are dubbed sacrifices in which the passion, energy, showmanship, loudness, audience interaction, imagery, and pyrotechnics served as an ode to metal night by night, gathering followers from every city they step foot in.

The Battlefront experience is something you don't want to miss if you're a fan of any genre of music and if you want to have a good time.
Battlefront are:

Corvo Kenway – Bass 
Fearr – Lead Guitar 
Haze – Lead Guitar 
James – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals 
Moon – Drums

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