Band Biographies: MoGa

MoGa is an experimental death metal band from Sofia, Bulgaria. It combines extreme drumming, technical guitars, melodic female and harsh male vocals with atmospheric electronic elements. The general idea of this project took shape more than 7 years ago as the first demos appeared. The friendship between Anton (guitars) and Milko (vocals) from their previous band ITSI marked the beginning of MoGa while the joining of all the other members brought the whole idea to life.

The debut album “Where Do You Come From” was released on 26.10.2023 and attracted immediate media attention. The album was presented live on 02.11.2023 with great success at the iconic club Mixtape 5 in the band’s hometown.

The music was created by Anton Dimitrov (Tony Flo), who is a guitarist, composer, and MoGa’s general driving force. The recording and production of the album featured Michał Łysejko (Dieth, ex-Decapitated) and Ivan Shopov (Cooh). The tracks have been recorded with Petar Bratanov (Pepinio Records) and the final mixing & mastering has been done by Tomasz Zalewski (Zed Studio).

Band members:

Anton Dimitrov (Tony Flo) – Guitars, Composition, Arrangement, Sound design Hristo
Lazarov – Guitars
Borislava Yordanova – Vocals and Lyrics
Milko Dyulgerov – Vocals and Lyrics
Petar Panayotov – Bass
Nedislav Miladinov – Drums (Guest Musician)
Ivan Shopov – Sound Design and Electronics (Guest Musician)

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