Band Biographies: Repetita Iuvant

Repetita Iuvant was born in 2006, with a classic guitar, bass, and drums trio, they only played live in Tuscany and Liguria until 2013. In 2018 they find themselves with a new lineup, 2 guitars, and drums. They started recording immediately in 2019 and 3, 3+1, and 7 were released in 2022. Those 2 EPs and the first LP are a trilogy based on a mathematical concept. Repetita's music is a mixture of post-rock, no-wave, and psychedelia improvisation.

They define themselves as post-postists because they are convinced that "no class of prejudices or civic, historical or academic considerations can inhibit the impulse of imagination.

Repetita Iuvant "√2" will be released on CD and DIGITAL via Argonauta Records, with a release date set by May 3rd, 2024


Cristoforo Da Costa, guitar and synth
Daniele Isetta, guitar and synth
Andrea Head, drums


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