Behind The Artworks: Bestial Mouths - Backbone (2024)

All Bestial Mouths art is very conceptual, with a lot of thought and reasoning and a ton of work. we joke the bestial way can be torture, whatever it takes to get it done.

For R.O.T.T. (inmyskin) which means Road Of Thousand Tears it was the next in my legacy as INSHROUDSS, RESURRECTEDINBLACK then onto ROTT. You can see the progress from a moth cocooning, being birthed, and telling the tale. The name and essence were inspired by the Trail of Tears the Native Americans were forced to endure.

The color palette reflects life earth nature, the process of being but weathered with the addition of moss. However, moss represents something aged, yet still alive and still growing, continuing. There’s no fake photoshop on the cover - that’s a real bearded dragon (we had to keep warm in a freezing studio and catch him when he went on a little run around), me being airbrushed and moss attached, adorned in amazing handmade clothing and mask, laying in a pile of soil.

Working with Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly and Delirium was almost a fairytale to me. Rhus really sat with the works and put a ton of soul and work into this. I will never forget braving the atmospheric river storms and floods happening in California, driving 8-9 hours in a tiny smart car being blown around, to record 9 songs in 3 days. This was my first in-person meeting with Rhys so I was nervous, but as Matia from Inhalt/ Infinite Powers studio likes to say - we found time for a lovely dinner.

Nothing is more personal to me than the actual ‘Road of Thousand Tears’ song; the first time I sang a track in Spanish and English. Being Puerto Rican but being the only one in my family born in the States, my mother tongue is English, and I have never been confident enough to speak in Spanish until now, when I knew it was time to conquer another fear.

BACKBONE is the following as others lay influence and contribute to ROTT’s remix LP. As human nature is the present and real reality as we know the title BACKBONE shows humans, artists, hands, and creation are the backbone of life.

I am heavily influenced by a lot of past but also emerging and current artists. We decided to choose a variety to showcase all of it and am truly honored and humbled by those who took the moment to dive deep into our sounds.


String arrangements, additional keyboards & programming by Rhys Fulber Mastered by Greg Reely

Vocals recorded by Matia Simovich at Infinite Power Studios

All lyrics written by Lynette Cerezo

Cover shot by Tas Limur

Layout Design by Justin Pape

Makeup: Heather L. Galipo

Hair: Michaela Limur

Fashion Designer & Stylist: Jessica Rowell

Jewelry Designer: Marianna Harutunian


Original tracks written, performed, and produced by BESTIAL MOUTHS and Rhys Fulber

All remix tracks produced and performed by their respective remix artists

REMIXERS ARE Broken English Club, Actors, Rebeka Warrior, Curses, XTR Human, Modern Men, IV Horsemen, CRUNE,

Carrellee, Daniel Myer, Trace Amount, Gencab, Maduro, Orphx, Snowbeast, Lana Del Rabies, Bedless Bones

Track 9 mixed by Brett Bullion with additional bass performed by Bobby Hussy

Mastered by Brant Showers

All lyrics by Lynette Cerezo

Photography by Tas Limur

Makeup Heather L. Gallop

Hair Michael Limur

Wardrobe Jessica Rowell

Design by Justin Pape

Released on Negative Gain Productions 2024

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