Behind The Artworks: Chasing Titans - Infinite Paradox (2024)

Our album, "Infinite Paradox," delves into the complex tapestry of the human experience, capturing the essence of life's contradictions. We explore the phenomenon of simultaneously experiencing profound highs and lows—a paradox inherent in our existence. Whether we find ourselves atop life's peaks while navigating through valleys of challenges, or having moments of triumph amidst struggles, this duality defines our journey.

In crafting this album, it seemed that our music mirrored this paradox as we blended the raw intensity of metalcore with the rhythmic beats of hip-hop and an atmospheric electronic ambiance. We believe these contrasting genres serve as a sonic reflection of life's multifaceted nature. The visual aspect of the album holds equal significance. We endeavored to create artwork that not only captivates aesthetically but also unfolds a narrative upon closer inspection—a visual journey mirroring the emotional depths explored in our music.

The genesis of the album's title, "Infinite Paradox," stemmed from a vivid image conceived by Adrian—an ethereal angel standing in a cathedral, draped in blood from the waist down. This striking imagery symbolizes the juxtaposition we aimed to evoke sonically—an interplay between light and darkness, purity and depravity.

Within the album booklet, each song is accompanied by artwork that visually encapsulates its thematic essence—a visual symphony that harmonizes with our sonic exploration of the human experience. In this way, "Infinite Paradox" is much more than just an album to us; it's an exploration, both visually and auditorily, into our experience and journey of deep human emotion.

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