Behind The Artworks: War Grave - War Grave (2024)

The artwork's concept is an amalgamation of all the individual song subjects contained in the EP: the dead and dying soldiers at the bottom of the picture together with the bloodied swords stuck in the ground denote 'War Graves', the woman in the black shawl casting a spell denotes 'Witch', the poor soul she is casting the spell on is bound in chains, 'Enchained', the soldier about to kill the man on the right denotes 'Revenge is Near', the city skyscraper skyline amid the sunset with the soldiers walking away from it denotes 'Price To Pay'. The man at the top center is remembering all of the subjects in the picture. Everything in the artwork depicts a memory in his life. The blindfold is a running theme that has been included in all of our artwork so far, with the exception of the 'Witch' single artwork. The artist's name is Heribertus M Miftakhuddin and he's based in Indonesia. He can be found at

We have worked with this artist before, for both our debut singles last year. As we were very happy with both pieces, we asked him if he would be able to attempt something more elaborate, and pitched the concept to him regarding using all the EP's songs as different parts of an overall picture. He agreed and set to work. We made suggestions as a band at each stage of the process, with Steve communicating with the artist on behalf of the band. Heribertus was happy to implement our suggestions along the way. The artist did have a lot of expressive freedom however as we were mostly commenting on conceptual ideas. Some aesthetic changes were made at our request too. We used alternative colour schemes for the lyric pages in our CD booklet, which Steve also designed.

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