Behind The Artworks: WARFIELD - Tie The Rope (Single) (2024)

The thing that catches the eye first is the bright red color: The red alert for today's society. The artwork was staged and shot by ourselves and shows the band's vintage cut-through grenade logo on a wooden ammunition box, with a bullet belt and the thematized rope hanging over it. In front of the box, you can see a hourglass through which almost all of the sand has flowed. This as well symbolizes the urgency for all of us to start acting now and taking things into our own hands. To round everything up, the arrangement shows an intentional similarity to a still-life painting - which is also mentioned in the lyrics. In that way, the artwork represents a "snapshot" of this very moment in time and becomes a coherent part of the whole concept. Still-lifes traditionally depict motionless and dead objects. A revelation of society's current state.

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