Behind The Scenes: BLIGHTED EYE - In Enmity (Official Video)

The "In Enmity" video was produced, directed, and edited by Karl Whinnery from HotKarlProductions. Evan Gandy served as Director of Photography, while Kyoko Gandy handled BTS photography and camera operation. It stars Dan Kyle and Alyxandria Nicole in the narrative section.
We divided the video shoot into two parts: the band's performance and the narrative segment. The performance was filmed at the SODO Penthouse room in The Seattle Warehouse, located in South Seattle. Given the song's serious theme, our aim was to capture the emotional intensity of the performance, aligning it with the lyrical content and narrative. The industrial ambiance of the room was complemented by modular Victorian panels, which allowed us to create various scenes for group and solo shots while concealing the concrete walls and windows. These panels facilitated simultaneous filming of solo shots with distinct lighting setups, enhancing visual diversity.

The narrative section was filmed a few days later in a relatively remote forest in Northern Oregon, not far from Portland. Karl, Dan, and Alyxandria spent the day being buried in the freezing cold woods of the Pacific Northwest. The lyrics tell the story of a man who awakens in a state of disorientation and horror, finding himself gravely wounded and surrounded by the remains of his loved ones. Feeling a deep sense of loss and betrayal, he questions the monstrous nature of the perpetrator and embraces a grim determination to seek retribution. Rather than recreating the lyrics' story one-for-one, we and Karl decided to give it a more intimate bend, focusing on a man waking up to find his significant other murdered, aiming to capture the emotional essence inherent in the lyrics.

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