Behind The Scenes: Coilguns - Venetian Blinds (Official Video)

Initially, I composed this song with added electro beats, which was a departure from our usual style for Coilguns. When I presented the demo to the band, I anticipated rejection, but to my surprise, everyone loved it. Apart from the catchy chorus, what truly sets the song apart is the unconventional yet creative drumming by Luc Hess. His use of cymbals is so sparing that each strike feels like a significant event throughout the track, adding to its unique noise-pop vibe. After recording the first take in the studio, it became evident that this song had the potential to stand alone as a single. For the first time in Coilguns’ history. The song's foundation is so solid that it could easily be stripped down to just a piano or an acoustic guitar. This is the direction we envision for the new, contemporary Coilguns. While the lyrics are open to interpretation, as Louis often writes them, they resonate with me as an anthem to our journey as a band and the essence of being an artist in the 2020s: "Is it sane to implicate our hearts and intricate our lives?» With the release of this track, the wait is finally over. It marks our emergence from the shadows with a sound that represents a departure from Coilguns' roots, yet it feels entirely natural. Tom Dalgety's production played a crucial role, as his approach differed from ours, but ultimately, he captured the essence of the song perfectly.
Venetian Blinds (official video): The video was filmed by French director Valentin Lurthy, who documented the making of our first album, "Commuters," over 10 years ago. Knowing the significance of our journey to one of the world's coolest and most remote recording studios, Ocean Sound, located on the tiny Norwegian island of Giske, we felt compelled to bring him along. The studio's setting, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, provided the perfect backdrop for capturing some truly remarkable moments. Val diligently filmed the recording process, capturing the final take of the song. While originally not intended for use as an official video, we realized that amidst our recent absence from releases, this footage served as a fitting reintroduction to the world. Simply showcasing us performing is a genuine reflection of who we are and the essence of our lives." Jonathan Nido (Guitarist and founder of Coilguns).

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