Behind The Scenes: EARTHBURNER - Slaves To The Screen (Official Video)

ARTHBURNER vocalist and lyricist Devin Swank has this to say about "Slaves To The Screen": "This song was written about how our world seems to be fixated with what new products are out, what clothing you should wear, what food to stuff your fat face with and what bullshit is flooding the mainstream and how people completely immerse themselves in it. It's a perfect welcoming for EARTHBURNER as we're just 4 guys who stick their middle fingers in the face of the norm and play classick death metal/grindcore! I'm so excited for this to get to the ears of people who are fans of death/grind and all things heavy and with the help of M-Theory Audio it can get into the hands of such people too."

Regarding EARTHBURNER 's "Slaves To The Screen" single and video, plus Permanent Dawn, guitarist Jeremy Wagner says: "I'm super-pumped about our first single, 'Slaves To The Screen,' being released for the world to hear. This song is one of my favorite tracks on the album...and as a pre-album release track, I feel it properly represents what EARTHBURNER is all about—and what people can expect from our 'Permanent Dawn' album. The song is so ferocious and pummeling that it just makes me want to DESTROY SHIT! Haha! Moreover, the 3D animated video that accompanies the single is so freaking cool. Video designer—Andrea Mantelli—absolutely killed it!

"Speaking of the 'Permanent Dawn' album, it's been a long time coming for me. I've wanted to do a full-length EARTHBURNER album forever. I'm far beyond happy that the stars aligned...I got my dream lineup and I got the opportunity to make this debut album.

"Relevant to the 'stars aligning,' I think that things happen for a reason because my dream lineup happened at the perfect time, AND, we signed a great record deal with Marco Barbieri and M-Theory Audio—this is a huge, full-circle thing for me because Marco is the guy who originally signed Broken Hope to Metal Blade Records and set my musical journey into motion in a huge way. So, this album is extra special to me on numerous levels. Marco has always believed in me and my music and THAT means the world to me.

"I've said before that EARTHBURNER is a separate monster from Broken Hope in terms of style, genre, tuning, vocals, and pure blasting ferocity. My insane love for Terrorizer's 'World Downfall' album and old Napalm Death and others inspired me and really drove me to do something faithful to this über-extreme genre.

"Thanks to my stepson Tyler, and Devin Swank from Sanguisugabogg, they lit a fire under my ass to bring EARTHBURNER back in a big way, full-time.

"Huge thanks to all of the fans of the original EARTHBURNER EP, everyone who's been waiting for EARTHBURNER to come along with an album. The album is on the way for release in 2024—for now, enjoy 'Slaves To The Screen'! We can't wait for you to hear the 'Permanent Dawn' album—and I hope you all get to see EARTHBURNER on stage!"-

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