Behind The Scenes: Phatt James - Seven Days (Official Video)

We are Phatt James. We just released our video for our song, “Seven Days,” filmed by Kicker Pictures. This song is off our debut album, “Just Begun,” which we started recording in 2020 and finished in 2023. All from home with the height of Covid keeping us to ourselves. We’re hailing out of Connecticut and like to play the New Haven and NYC area. Hope to see you at a show!

I held onto a Kicker Pictures business card nearly the length of our time making the album knowing we’d make some type of visual with them. I’m so glad I did.
Though our bassist, Matty C, has been in many bands, this was his first music vid. We are glad to help him out with that bucket list check.

We loved the Cupid idea that Kicker Pictures had from the go, but we had some tweaks that we felt needed to be done. Specifically in what he’d be wearing. We didn’t want our actor, Sean, running around in the traditional Cupid garb. We wanted him to be a little more modern, so we got him a sweet jacket and a slick pair shoes.

We did eat a lot of chicken nuggets with an assortment of sauces while making this film.

We shot the band scenes with a small speaker playing the recording that really only our drummer, Chris, could hear, but we just played to him and made it happen!

I found that spot for the band shots while scrolling on TikTok and a video for abandoned places in CT came up. Definitely a popular spot but still adding a unique vibe.

We filmed mainly in Black Rock, a popular music hub in Connecticut. We shot some scenes right outside of a favorite venue of ours to play, Park City Music Hall. I’m glad we added such a cool and local setting for the video.

I used my Uncle Rick’s Marshall amp that he gifted me to make this video, so that was pretty special to me.

Sean Larson, who played Cupid in the video, originally played in a band with Chris when they were 8 years old. It was a very cool full circle moment for Chris to have him be a part of this video!

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