Behind The Scenes: Rick Monroe And The Hitmen - Worth the Hurt (Official Video)

Rick: The song was initially written to be on the new Saving Abel album but once they passed on it, my wife started bugging us to cut it and we're glad she did. I figured since I co-wrote it with Skidd, he would be the obvious choice to produce it. He has a very even, relaxed style that allowed us to knock the song out quickly while capturing the energetic performance we needed. This song kills it live, and we are blown away by the response it's getting from rock radio.

The music video was something that just fell together. We were trying to figure out if we wanted a storyline or just a straight up performance video. While discussing it with my sister trying to get my niece or one of her friends to play the couple she mentioned a friend Carol Borjas & her boyfriend Ken Hansen who would be perfect and as professional dancer they would add a little zazz. Then we just went around my house and tried to find the most interesting backgrounds. All the paintings are my mom's work, except for the Van Gogh in the beginning. I Iove her work and I love that it's in the video. Alan came up with writing on the gym wall, which lead to some cool shots & of course my dog Coda snuck her way in.

Alan: Making the "Worth The Hurt" music video was a lot of fun. After having a few other videos under our belt, this one fell together pretty quickly. Rick had an idea for individual shots rather than a full band performance, and after clearing out the home gym to set up drums. We were inspired to write the lyrics all over the walls in chalk. That was pretty cool and a ton of fun. Even Coda, Rick's dog, got in on the final cut. After filming, Megan and I tag-teamed the editing and got to place the fighting and making-up scenes, as well as the awesome dancing parts. I really enjoyed the process on this one.

Recording the song "Worth The Hurt" was memorable for sure. We had intended to record a banjo part for the song, but I forgot the banjo at home. Derp! So Rick started calling around trying to borrow a banjo from someone, and lo and behold, his neighbor three doors down(lol) had one we could borrow for the day. After that, getting to Skidds studio and knocking out the recording was a breeze. Every track was done that day, and we had a blast while we did it. Lunch was pretty good that day too. Gotta appreciate some good food while you're recording.

Bobby: On the day of recording, it felt pretty easy and quick laying the parts down; mostly because we had been doing pre-production and writing leading up. We still modified parts and wrote some new parts to improve the song, albeit the work done prior. Skidd [producer and engineer ] gave us the perfect atmosphere and flexibility to feel comfortable bringing our ideas to light.

When we were working on the video, once each member started their particular and individual shots, the ideas started flowing. Whether it was apparel, placement, the ambiance. It came together nicely and we used every inch of the house it seemed, but it gave us enough footage to put together a great and exciting video.

Jason: When it came to recording the song with Skidd, we came in probably the most prepared any of us had ever been. Once we got everything set up and started rolling, Skidd added his magic touch and we were already in the homestretch. It took about a day to get the vast majority of the tune tracked, with some minor overdubs the next day. To say it was the easiest recording session I’ve ever been in would be an understatement. It was a really great experience!

For the music video, we decided to shoot individual band member shots rather than the full band to change things up a bit. We spent some time going through videos from other artists we like to get the creative juices flowing and to get some stylistic ideas, which was great. Ultimately though, what we created is our own and unique to us and the song itself. The video is like a journey into the psyche of somebody who can’t seem to get enough of a bad situation.

Megan (Tour Manager): When we were talking through the approach to this video, I had already viewed the footage from Carol and Ken. I loved their look and immediately started walking around Rick's house thinking about spaces that weren't necessarily "traditional" to film in. Breaking away from the way we have previously filmed our videos where we have shot the band together, this time we opted to shoot each member individually. I immediately knew that Rick's bathroom would be a perfect spot to put him! (and hey, we could showcase his amazing tilework skills too!). The window in the shower created this incredible illumination and I don't think we did more than 3 takes before we were done with Rick's portion of the video.

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