Behind The Tracks: Designer Disguise - Boom Boom Pow (Cover)

This cover is the one we had the most fun constructing. It wasn’t planned when we went into the studio and we decided with our producer Hiram Hernandez that this one would be super fun and dynamic. As a pop song I never really vibed with it, but the changes we made sonically and in terms of arrangement make this a super awesome ride. Not only did we cover the main song but we finagled G6 by The Far East Movement and The Cataracts, The Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang, and Du Hast by Rammstein into the song as well. We even translated some of the lyrics from Boom Boom Pow into German over one section. Hopefully we didn’t get duped by google translate and our German actually translates to what we wanted. We sat in the studio trying to pronounce the German words for 15 minutes before I recorded it. People are going to have a blast with this pop metal mash up, I would def dance to it at an emo nite.

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