Behind The Tracks: Hellgrimm - Speed Demon (Single) (2024)

Jerry Connor: I started writing this song a few years ago - I've always wanted to write a song about racing and driving fast. The music went through many changes over the years and kept coming up every few months as an idea that we'd spend a little time on, then forget about it and move on to other songs.
When we found out that we were supporting Raven for nine dates in the UK last year, I wanted to have a new, fast song in our pocket to play during the tour. "Speed Demon" finally came together and we debuted it across the pond at the first show in Stoke.
When we returned from the tour, we wanted to add this song to our album in progress, "Sacrifice". Our drummer/singer Erica brought up the idea of getting Mike Heller from Raven to record the drums due to his amazing badassness, so we reached out and asked if he'd be interested. We contracted him to do the drums and when we got the tracks, we were in complete awe of his mad skills :)!
Our engineer Daisun de Rijk then worked his mixing and mastering magic on the track and we're super happy with the end result! We hope everyone enjoys "Speed Demon" as much as we do!

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