Behind The Tracks: PLEIA - Tau II (Single) (2024)

Song: TAU II

The description you provide of "TAU II" by Pleia captures the essence of a deep sonic and emotional journey that navigates through the complexities of progressive metal and a conceptual narrative inspired by astrological and energetic elements. This journey, divided into three stages of frustration, understanding, and awakening, reflects not only the musical structure of the piece but also its lyrical and thematic narrative.


The first stage, characterized by frustration, could be represented by intense rhythms and a dense atmosphere, reflecting internal turmoil and the struggle with one's own limitations or challenging life situations. The instruments here might play with dissonances and tensions, setting the stage for a journey of transformation.


Understanding marks a turning point in the composition, where perhaps the music begins to open up, incorporating more melodic or harmonic elements that suggest an emerging clarity. The voice and lyrics in this section could serve as guides towards enlightenment, with messages that invite reflection.


The awakening, being the final and most chaotic stage, could be where the band truly experiments with the full spectrum of their musical capability. The "fleeting times and chords" suggest rapid changes and perhaps a more experimental or progressive structure. The chaotic culmination might symbolize the breaking of internal barriers, a release of contained energy, and an acceptance of the complexity of existence.

The connection to the Pleiades and the constellation of Taurus adds a layer of depth and mysticism to the theme, suggesting that this personal battle is also part of something larger, a cosmic or energetic cycle that we all share. This astrological and energetic dimension enhances the narrative, inviting listeners to consider not only their own lives but also how they connect with the universe at large.

In summary, "TAU II" by Pleia appears to be a progressive metal masterpiece that not only challenges the boundaries of the genre with its structure and sound but also offers a profound reflection on the human condition, all while being framed within a fascinating cosmic and energetic context.

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