Behind The Tracks: The Wildfires Projekt - Forget About You (Single) (2024)

Forget About You was an interesting song to write and record as it took longer than any other song my producer John Espy and I have worked on for a few reasons. But to start off with the meaning behind the song itself, simply put, it deals with the inner problems that come with anxiety and depression that I’ve faced myself for many years. Usually, these problems are things that aren’t visible on the outside, and we don’t talk about them.
The reason this song took so long was 2 main reasons. First, it was a COMPLETELY different song at first. Just your basic song about a bad relationship. Throughout the process of working on the song, my producer had a lot of tours lined up. This delayed the process, but in each of those delays we enhanced a part of the song. Then, because the verse got better, the chorus needed to be better, and so on and so forth. Eventually, the music didn’t match the lyrics or melodies, so we had to rewrite those, and it became a much more sincere and authentic song. Which I believe worked out for the better. But it was a journey to get there for sure haha. I hope this song resonates with people dealing with the same issues, and is just a song they enjoy listening to throughout their day and when things get tough.

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