Track By Tracks: Bleed The Victim - Serenades Of Agony (2024)

Our first track Back To Formula is a throwback to our first release Flawless Execution. It's fast and relentless with a young angst feel to it.

Slave Of Mind is something we came up with out of a random jam and really liked the intro riff enough to keep and build on it. It's our music video track from the album and it really has a killer groove with a modern feel to it.

Somatic is the third track on the album and we previously released it as a single a couple of years ago and wanted to throw it on our next release and some changes were made to it.

Within Us is a track that sounds like nothing we've written before that takes you on a musical journey and ends with a heavy groove breakdown.

Of Regret is a serious toned song that has an old-school feel and another one that takes you on a musical journey in the middle. The ending is the heaviest thing we've written so far.

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