Track By Tracks: BOTTENHAVET - Ljud i tysta rum (2024)

1. Hennes liv (Translated to ‘Her life’):

Her life is based on an event where the singer in the band early one morning in Stockholm, on his way to the subway, saw a woman who was not in the best condition. She was angry, confused and her look was despairing. There was something about her demeanor that showed loneliness, despair and sadness. No one places in that context but she really didn't and it showed, the shoes were torn but she looked like she could run fast if she needed to. Her gestures were somehow joking, almost theatrical, but at the same time in the utmost seriousness. She might as well have been better off than us all the weeks before this morning, but now it was darker. See the one that falls, it can happen to all of us.

2. Jord (Translated to ‘Soil’):

The struggle we carry with us to be exactly what we want, to dare to be honest with what we feel and think, to dare to answer our internal questions, no matter if it is uncomfortable and alienating. There are almost always questions but no answers. Until those answers are found, I'm not ready to be covered in soil.

3. Talar miljon (Translated to ‘Speaks a million’)

You know that event in our lives that we carry with us throughout the years, that sometimes pops up when it needs to be reminded? This is one such occasion.

When we are reminded of the obvious things we take for granted, like being careful about our lives. One sentence, in the right place at the right time, can make a difference. The words in this case came from a man who was drunk, outclassed by society, homeless, and far from healthy. But his words carried more weight than most other empty and shallow words we share. So giving someone a second in passing can give back days. Smile at the wanderer and listen to that voice with depth in the words, the words can be worth a million.

4. Motorväg (Translated to ‘Highway’):

Simple story, there is no story. The song touches on the feeling of being held back, of someone taking your highway away from you and instead taking you down narrow paths and detours. Someone can be anything.

5. Bränn broar (Translated to ‘Burn bridges’)

Burn Bridges concerns the observation of a person who works against himself, who wants so much that it burns too fast and uncontrollably. The will is there for whatever it may be. But you fight and fight and run out before you get there. Sometimes it may be necessary to dare to burn bridges in order to move on. To burn mental obstacles and fears. The song is a support to dare to take the step and burn some bridges to get to new ones
6.I skuggan (Translated to ‘In the shadow’)
Many of us can sometimes certainly recognize ourselves in the feeling of an alien, a UFO. In context we don't know or are comfortable in. That we may strive for a different kind of life, not what the masses think is the right way. The text describes the feeling that we, who feel this way sometimes, live in the shadows and can look up and out at the others. That it's almost like a lottery who reaches the light and gets to come out of the shadows. If you want.

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