Track By Tracks: Call Ov The Void - On Grief And Dying (2024)

1. Disbelief - A Numb Prelude:

It is the instrumental intro of the album, representing the stage of "disbelief or shock" (each of the songs will represent a different stage of grief), a stage in which the person has not yet assimilated the news of loss, so they have not entered the grieving process, just like this track which serves as a prelude to the other songs.

2. One Last Regret:

It was the second song written for the album, featuring music by René and lyrics by George. It represents the stage of "denial". Starting with a clean guitar intro accompanied by a bass melody before moving into the album's first "heavy" verse with distorted guitar harmonies and alternating guttural vocals. The chorus introduces the band's characteristic clean vocals alongside the gutturals and features atmospheric instrumental interludes that gradually build back into the guttural vocals. This song was the album's first single and has a lyric video created by Alejandro Voorduin.

3. Into Nothingness:

The third track of the album also features music by René and lyrics by George. This song represents the stage of "anger", so it was designed to have heavier elements while still maintaining the band's characteristic melodic style. It transitions directly into a rhythmic verse accompanied by distorted arpeggios and a riff in the bridge that aims to be memorable. The chorus features clean and guttural vocals accompanied by a tremolo guitar melody, followed by an almost acoustic instrumental interlude that gradually intensifies over four sections before returning to the force of distorted guitars and guttural vocals, ending with an instrumental outro of strings and piano. The lyrics focus on the concept of programmed obsolescence, and how it can also be applied to the human condition.

4. Shores of Oblivion:

This track represents the stage of "bargaining", with lyrics by José Luis and music by both him and René. It begins with an intro evoking the heaviness of the funeral doom genre, accompanied by strings for theatricality. The verse features alternating guttural vocals within a harmonious section interrupted by an instrumental lead guitar interlude, quickly joined by all other instruments in a memorable section. It is one of only two songs on the album without a chorus.

5. Punishment and Fear:

Representing the stage of "guilt", "Punishment and Fear" starts with an epic intro marked by a guitar melody and accompaniment setting the tone. It then transitions into a slow, doom-metal-like bridge followed by a melodic verse. The chorus has a groovy rhythm on the drums and clean guitar chords, along with the characteristic mix of both clean and guttural vocals.

6. Borrowed Time:

A re-recorded version of the band's first original song, which was originally featured in the "Drowned" EP from 2019, with music and lyrics by René. It addresses the stage of "depression", portraying the perspective of a person facing the final moments of life. It begins with a guitar arpeggio, gradually joined by other instruments and vocals for the clean verse section, followed by a bridge with distorted guitars, bass, and drums harmonizing a slow, heavy riff. The chorus features guttural vocals and more guitar harmony. There's a time signature change from 4/4 to 3/8 before returning to the intro arpeggio.

7. A Peaceful Surrender:

This track represents the final stage, "acceptance", reflected in the serenity of the song. With lyrics and music by René, it opens with a clean guitar arpeggio reminiscent of the 80s, gradually integrating other instruments with an asynchronous rhythm. The melody of the vocals, accompanied by whispering backing vocals from Blazej Kasprzak, leads to the pre-chorus where distortion is introduced, leading to a slow, marked rhythm accompanied by guttural vocals and a melodic guitar lick in the chorus. The bridge features a short but melodic and melancholic solo before iterating through previous sections.

8. Broken Vow:

With music by René and José Luis, as well as vocal lines and lyrics written by Axel, "Broken Vow" addresses mourning in general, this time with the theme of a failed relationship and unfulfilled promises. This ballad begins with a guitar arpeggio gradually joined by chords and vocal melody, leading into a section that incorporates elements from "Into Nothingness" and "Shores of Oblivion" divided between the two clean guitars, serving as a prelude before the epic final section where the final chorus words are accompanied by a powerful base of distorted guitar and an emotive guitar lick, concluding the album slowly as the arpeggio from the beginning of the song fades away.

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