Track By Tracks: Dawn Of Existence - Ancient Arts (2024)

1. Marble Garden:

A lost golden age of civilization is on the brink of destruction. A time when the boundaries between magic and science were blurred and humans built wonders from stone with ease.

2. Toe Up:

“This song has several meanings but at its surface, it's about mysterious deaths, interdimensional cultists, and government cover-ups.

3. Satan Spacelord:

A song about the personification of the raw, dark energies that destroy and create in the universe. It's about the power of science, discovery, free-thinking, and free will over any religious creeds.

4. Mystic Serpent:

In the mists of time, decadence, magic, and ritual combine in the temple of Set.

5.Škoda ‘14:

A song about the clash between the British regular army and the German army in the early stages of the Great War and the hell that artillery created for the soldiers throughout the war.

6. The Hierophant:

The Hierophant is a deceiver and an enemy of free thinking and individuality. He traverses space and time. The song is about fighting against him, convention, and engrained traditions.


The dualistic nature of mankind and the moon. The paths that are chosen and the journeys that lie ahead. The cycles of the moon directly reflect the cycles of life.

8. Meet Me at the Stake:

A song about the hypocrisy and punishment that pagans, witches, and those practicing Hermeticism and ritual experienced in the face of organized religion. About standing defiant and strong in the face of those persecutors.

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