Track By Tracks: Distorta - A Devil In The Dust (2024)

A Devil in the Dust EP focuses on a few core themes that, unfortunately, are very relevant to the world today - War, Mental Health, and Addiction.

The opening track Tomorrow People is an apocalyptic look into the future and the need for people to fight for freedom. It also poses the question of what the world would be like with no war or religion. Could money be better spent on people in need if world governments didn’t have to fund wars and defense?

The title track of the EP, Devil in the Dust, focuses on the mental struggles of returned war veterans and the battle to survive depression and PTSD when returning home to their families. It highlights the nightmares, flashbacks, and struggle to cope with day-to-day life, which is an unfortunate reality for many soldiers who have returned from combat.

Chasing Shadows is written from the point of view of an addictive drug mocking an addict, enticing him/her to use more. The song verses have the drug highlighting the reality of the addict's dependence on it. The chorus lyrics express the addict responding to the drug. Chasing Shadows represents the addict chasing the high they can no longer achieve.

Bones is about a couple in a car accident deliberately caused by someone else. The husband is lying bloody and injured in the car wreckage praying he survives so he can seek vengeance on the person that caused the crash.

The final track, Suffocate, focuses on a recovered drug addict trying to resist the temptation to take drugs again and the mental struggle he/she has with that. Every day there is a temptation to go back to it again and the battle to resist is suffocating.

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