Track By Tracks: DRUNGI - Hamfarir Hugans (2024)

About the album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

Magnus: As previously mentioned, the album is a theme following mental issues that people suffer from and the imagery of the Icelandic things in nature that can kill you. So, we have a death that’s both physical and mental. 


1. Alda (Wave):

Musically it follows the rhythm of a wave crashing a boat into the cliffs of northwestern Iceland. Lyrically it’s about self-harm where sometimes you feel like you are drowning in the abundance of emotion and you wish you were just washing away.

2. Þoka (Fog):

Musically it’s following the feeling of being lost in a dense fog with no sense of direction and the panic that ensues.

Lyrically it’s about having a brain fog and you don’t know if you are thinking logically and being on the brink of being insane or on the brink of total chaos much like schizophrenia.

3. Ófærð (Impass):

Musically: The name translates to impassible or Impass and the music follows the idea of violent storms, snow, or rain, and the music is inspired by those storms that make much of Iceland impassible both in winter and summer.

Lyrically: Being trapped or isolated and having no escape from it much like Locked in syndrome.

4. Skriða (Landslide):

The highs and lows of the song translate into mountain tops and how easy it is to be caught in a landslide. Crumbling down from the turmoil one gets inflicted by, from a high point and until hitting rock bottom.

5. Frost (frost):

The damage that the Harsh cold of Iceland can inflict upon the world. Being trapped in an icy cold winter that never thaws. Fimbulwinter. Much like being a psychopath, with a complete lack of emotion.

6. Skjálfti (Quake):

Unstable, and unpredictable, like the earthquakes we have every day in Iceland. Insecurity and shivering when you feel the shaking of the ground without any shaking happening in the ground. Inner turmoils and fears, Anxiety.

7. Kvika (Magma):

An epic scope of a volcano captured in an eerily musical way. The inner anger and violence that boils under the surface. The magma boils slowly but you do not know when it will erupt and cause cataclysmic events a mind disaster. Explosive manic disorder.

8. Myrkur (Dark):

We don’t know what happens in the darkness and how it will affect our lives, and that’s the scary idea that happens in the musical part of Myrkur. Depression, You can let the darkness control you but you must remember to turn on the light that only you can turn on. The darkness can be obsessive but it is dangerous if it’s used wrongly on others and yourself.

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