Track By Tracks: FerreTT - Glamdemic (2024)

1. Let It All Hang Out (On a Saturday Night):

This is the audio equivalent of the artwork. A typical weekend for FerreTT in New York City.

2. Don't Tell Jen:

Don't tell Jen about all my sleazy and over-the-top escapades, please! She thinks I am just SUCH a good boyfriend!

3. Glamdemic:

This is a battle cry and a warning to all those hipster posers who have invaded the metal scene in recent years. Grunge is dead, glam is back, burn your flannel, metal attack! And I am going to shove your $18 avocado toast up your ass!

4. Hat Trick:

Obviously, this song is about ice hockey! Or is it about banging 3 girls at once? You be the judge!

5. It's Not Hard to Let Go:

This song is dedicated to Vincent Kennedy McMachon!

6. Drinking Beers:

This song is about drinking vitamin water.

7. Amatuer Night:

This song is in tribute to a great gentlemen's club called the Iowa Playhouse, located near the Nebraska/Iowa border. The first and third Wednesdays of the month are Amateur Night!

8. Amber Alert:

I hooked up with this chick named Amber a few times about a decade ago. She was pretty hot, pretty cool, and totally down to get creampied. Unfortunately, she moved to China to teach English and I lost touch with her. Even back then the communists were fucking with FerreTT. It's an Amber Alert!

9. Farmer Vincent's Fritters:

This song is about the 1980 horror movie "Motel Hell." If you haven't seen it, put down this zine and watch it right now!

10. House of the Holy (Food for the Gods):

This song is about going to White Castle after a night out drinking.

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