Track By Tracks: Greystone Canyon - Iron & Oak (2024)

1. Vultures:

This is the album opener and it kind of reminds me of Megadeth’s “Holy Wars”.. it’s up-tempo and epic and has a lot of teeth and emotion. The song about the Native American Indians

2. Price on your Head:

This is a mid-tempo stomper… a foot-tapping, head-banging rocker with a big chorus .. it reminds me of something that might have been on Ozzy’s “No More Tears” album.. the song is about an Australian outlaw that terrorized the outback in the mid-1800s

3. We All Become Yesterday:

This is the first single from the album… the groove is based on Toto’s “Rosanna” It’s a rock song with some pop influence .. the arrangement is to the point and the chorus has a sing-along quality to it …we hope. The lyrics deal with time passing us by, looking back to your youth and the fragility of life.

4. Breathe Again:

This song…. We are very proud of this one… this is something different for us .. it has an arrangement akin to Ozzy’s Killer of Giants … using the classical guitar to play the first verse and then moving the same chord progression onto the electric guitars. I think the music and lyrics on this really paint a picture… the song is about getting back to nature …leaving the fast-paced craziness of modern society behind and being at one with the animals, the landscape, the lakes, and streams … the message is to look to nature for the answers and to cleanse the soul.. this will also be a single with accompanying video.

5. Sky is Falling:

This is the fastest track on the album.. not thrash fast… more like Dio's “We Rock” .. the song is straightforward in arrangement only broken up by a great guitar & drum break in the middle. The chorus is another catchy one and the lyrics are about stepping out of your comfort zone and no matter what happens…. Love and hope will prevail

6. Reborn:

This is the darkest song on the album… building from an Alice in Chains / Black Label Society vibe into an almost Viking metal crescendo with some tasty guitar solos. The lyrics doting the dark theme deal with alienation from the family .. this is a personal theme for me… and when you don’t feel you belong you can find a family amongst music and fellow outcasts and enthusiasts

7. Raging Waters:

This is another single from the album and shows a different side of the band… it’s kind of a Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Aerosmith track… starting with some slide and 12-string guitar and has a real classic rock feel. The song is about sitting up late at night and having conversations with those who have passed on…. A kind of spiritual seance that connects us with those beyond this mortal coil. We have some guests on this track and sing some backing vocals, piano violin, and viola.

8. Over and Over:

This song mixes Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac-esque acoustic guitars with some punchy Aerosmith verses and morphs into some King Diamond-style guitar harmonies … it’s a strange combination but we feel it works well and ties together our broad tastes and influences .. the song is a personal one and recounts the tale of when I relocated from Australia to the UK with my band as teenagers…. Many years ago … we were young and didn’t have a clue but we were brave and tried our best and had an amazing adventure.

9. No Saint:

This is the album's closer .. this song is full of surprises… it opens like something you hear sitting in a French cafe … the lyrics continue the theme from the previous song recounting the adventures of young teens moving from Australia to the UK as 18-year-olds.. we got super ambitious with this song breaking it into two parts… there is an acoustic interlude branding the two… there are some gospel vocals rounding out the outro after some fiery guitar solos and harmonies …. Like the debut we wanted the album to close with something special and we hope listeners will appreciate that...

From the album opener to the closer we have tried to cover as much of what we love about music, trying to execute all of this as best we can and stay true to our passion.

Will it connect with listeners …. Only time will tell.

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